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available puppies

Ynez Amstaffs sells puppies as companions only on AKC limited registration.  No breeding rights are offered on our puppies.  Our puppies start at $2500.

YES WE HAVE BLUE!  However please understand this coat color is VERY popular.  We breed for the betterment of the breed, and the show ring.  We do not breed for color. If your heart is set on a blue puppy, please remember you will likely need to place an early deposit on an upcoming litter, and be prepared to wait for one to be available.  


Also, you can see our currently available and future breedings HERE. If you want to see our prior puppies, please join our private Facebook group here,

or our instagram page here:

Our puppy owners post updates of their babies all the time!

All prospective homes must fill out and application and be approved.  You can access our application HERE .

If you are preparing to bring your new puppy home, or just need help choosing the right breeder or puppy, we have created guides to make things easier!


Please click HERE to view our new puppy section!


The Georgia Amstaff difference 

Ynez Amstaff puppies are raised using the highest standards of care.  We incorporate ENS, Puppy Culture, and other proven methods to ensure you are introducing a happy, healthy, well socialized puppy into you home.  Here is a list of some of the benefits of getting a puppy from us.  

1.  Puppies are whelped and raised 100% indoors and underfoot in our homes.  This allows      them to experience the normal sounds of everyday life from the beginning.  Check out        this study comparing puppies raised indoors with family versus in a kennel: 

2.  Puppies parents are health tested, and exhibited in the AKC.  We are breeders of merit,      with a proven track record of healthy dogs and success.  

3.  Puppies go home with AKC limited registration paperwork.  This allows you to                      participate in numerous dogs sports in the AKC!  You puppy can try out obedience,             rally, dock diving, and numerous other possibilities!

4.  Puppies are exposed to grooming from the beginning.  From nail trims, to ear                    cleaning, to baths. 

5.  Puppies are weaned onto a RAW diet.  Starting puppies off with the highest quality diet      is key to long term health. We use and love Blue Ridge Beef

6. Puppies are litter box trained, allowing for an easy transition to potty training.  They             learn from and early age how to keep their living environment clean

7.  Puppies are exposed to children, allowing them to adapt to children in your family or          circle of friends easily.

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