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Americas Best allows puppy purchasers to place an advanced deposit on upcoming litters.  This allows you to reserve your pick choice on that litter.  Americas best ALWAYS reserves first pick male and first pick female. If we do not decide to keep a puppy, we will move everyones placement up on the list.  

If you do not like the puppies off a particular litter, you are welcome to move your deposit to a future litter.  If others have placed a deposit on the future litter, your placement will be behind them.  if there are no other deposits on that future litter, you will remain in the same placement as you were originally.  

Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE.  Please do not place a deposit an ask for a refund.  

Deposits are $500 USD.  You MUST have been approved for a puppy before placing a deposit.  You can fill out an application HERE for approval.  

Please clearly note your FULL NAME, as well at the specific litter you are placing a deposit on.  

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