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Feeding and Supplements

Americas Best puppies are weaned onto RAW food.  

We use Blue Ridge Beef.  

We would love for you to keep your puppy on a RAW diet.  

Some of the benefits of keeping your puppy

on a RAW diet are:

1. Shinier coat

2. Healthier Skin

3. Cleaner Teeth/Better Breath

4. Higher energy levels

5. Smaller stools.  

However RAW diets must be properly balanced, or you can cause serious issues with your puppy.  Raws diets also have an increased preparation time, and will require space in your freezer for storage.  

If you can not keep your puppy on a RAW diet, we use and recommend 2 kibbles.  The first is Purina Pro Plan. There are several different formulas, however we use Focus Chicken and Rice.  The second is Canidae Chicken and Rice.  

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